Prime Synthesis

As part of the integration of Prime Synthesis into LGC manufacturing, order entry and technical support functions are being transfered to LGC Biosearch Technologies' Petaluma site.

LGC Biosearch Technologies’ manufacturing validation is on-going in co-ordination with key pharmaceutical and CMO customers. 

Current status orders for Prime Synthesis products may be placed directly with LGC Biosearch Technologies Customer Service at +1 800 Genome1/ +1 415 883 8400 For technical support, contact

Effective May 19, 2018 the Aston, PA location will no longer be accepting orders or providing customer service and all communications must be routed through LGC Biosearch Technologies. This is also when Aston-manufactured CPG will no longer be produced.

For further details and questions, feel free to contact LGC Biosearch Technologies Customer Service.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Prime PerformanceTM CPG is produced to GMP standards in batch sizes from a few grams to over 100 Kilograms.