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LGC acquires Prime Synthesis


LGC, the international life sciences and measurement company, has announced that it has acquired Prime Synthesis, Inc. (PSI), the leading producer of Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) supports for oligonucleotide synthesis. Complementing LGC’s existing genomics offering, PSI’s products are supplied to the pharma and biopharma, academic research, CMOs, medical diagnostics and biochemical reagents markets. 

The combination of the PSI business with the LGC Biosearch CPG production facility in Steinach, Germany provides increased supply chain resiliency for our clients based on the manufacturing footprint in both the US and Europe. It also provides a platform for scale up of CPG production, which is important for our Pharmaceutical customers conducting late stage clinical trials with oligo therapeutic candidates.

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New Hybrid CPG is Now Available

New Customized Hybrid CPG Sample Kits are now Available for Online Ordering

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New Immobilized Enzyme Carrier Product Line

Optimizing Oligonucleotide Synthesis Using Hybrid CPG Solid Supports

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Prime PerformanceTM CPG is produced to GMP standards in batch sizes from a few grams to over 100 Kilograms.

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