Immobilized Enzymes

The first general enzyme immobilization/purification system


Enzyme immobilization is a requirement for high efficiency in a biocatalytic process by enabling reuse of your biocatalyst, facile separation of products, and providing increased process control. The right choice of carrier may allow employment in organic solvents. Until now, no general enzyme immobilization method existed.

EziG™ is a revolutionary new product, combining affinity tag binding with inert porous materials, designed specifically for biocatalysis applications in any organic solvent or aqueous buffer below pH 10. If your enzyme can be affinity tagged it can be immobilized on EziG! 
EziG™ provides a highly efficient way to go from cell extract or cell culture supernatant to a versatile and robust immobilized pure enzyme preparation, in a single step. EziGTM is the result of collaboration between Prime Synthesis, Inc and EnginZyme.

Controlled Porosity Glass: Ruggedness and Flexibility

Controlled porosity glass (CPG) has been successfully used in bioreactor applications for several decades. Its unique combination of sharp pore size distribution, high surface area, rigidity, chemical resistance and effective mass transfer makes it an ideal choice as a solid phase medium for both chemical synthesis and bioreactor applications. Over the past 25 years, Prime Synthesis has fine-tuned the CPG manufacturing process for optimum performance in such applications. 

hybCPG™: The Next Generation

Prime Synthesis, Inc. has developed a novel process to coat the surface of CPG with a conformal nano-film of polymer, allowing modification of surface properties such as hydrophobicity, while greatly increasing loading capacities. The unique design of hybCPG™ minimizes the trade-off between pore size and loading capacity which is characteristic of CPG, while retaining other desirable properties as an immobilized enzyme carrier.

The Enzyme Expertise of EnginZyme - World Class Tech Support

A spin-off from Stockholm University, Arrhenius Laboratory, EnginZyme has perfected the versatile purification/coupling scheme of EziG™. Their talented team of enzyme experts is available to discuss your applications and help you solve your immobilized enzyme problems.  Just follow this link to EnginZyme Technical Support.

Let the EziG™ Platform Elevate your Biocatalytic Project!


Photo Credit: Photo of bioreactors at the BTEC facility. Photographed by Rick Lawless, BTEC. Original Source: