Oligosynthesis Columns

We offer a wide variety of oligo synthesis columns in standard, or custom scales and chemistries. We also offer a precision column filling service using customer-supplied columns and/or solid supports. Please contact us for a price quotation based on your requirements.

Pipette Tip Style Columns

We have developed a high quality column that can be used with today’s most popular high-through-put synthesizers including ABI 3900™, MerMade™, Dr. Oligo™ and OligoMaker™ ApS.

These columns use high purity nucleosides that are attached to CPG with a long chain alkyl amine linker (LCAA). Each batch of nucleoside CPG undergoes extensive synthesis testing. The patented, high precision design is manufactured to the highest standards under GMP quality guidelines.

Luer Fitting Columns Retro Columns

These cost-effective columns were designed and manufactured to perform with most standard older synthesizers such as the ABI 394 and Expedite. They are available as standard in scales of 50nmole, 200nmole and 1umole with 1000 Angstrom porosity CPG supports.

Other column types may be available on request.