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About Us

Prime Synthesis, Inc. was founded in the late 80’s to help meet the challenges of an explosive new area of molecular biology - genomics. Short, synthetic sequences of DNA and RNA called oligonucleotides (oligos) are a key tool for genomics research. The growth projections for the number of oligos needed to support this emerging science seemed astronomical at the time - but have since been far exceeded.

Our research and business efforts have focused on solid supports, a key class of raw material used in oligo synthesis. Our Prime Performance™ CPG is a solid support that improves the efficiency of oligo synthesis for both research and production. We are proud to have supplied oligo synthesis materials to most of the leading research labs for many years, and have thus tracked this exciting market towards the final goals of genomics-based diagnostics and therapeutics.

Prime was acquired by LGC in 2016. Since then we haveleveraged synergiesof the business with the LGC Biosearch CPG production facility in Steinach, Germany, providing increased supply chain resiliency for our clients based on the manufacturing footprint in both the US and Europe. This has also provided a platform for scale up of CPG production, important for our pharmaceutical customers conducting late-stage clinical trials with oligo therapeutic candidates.

Further improvements to our manufacturing are being achieved by transferring the CPG modification processes from our Aston facility to the LGC Biosearch facility in Petaluma. This transfer is being carried out with full validation procedures and transparency with our customers. For further details see links below.

2017-0601 Change Notifications

04/28/2017 - Manufacturing Site: Planned Closure of Prime Synthesis Inc., Aston, PA Facility. View notice.

07/28/2017 - Addendum: Update and Project overview including high-level timelines for the planned closure of the Prime Synthesis Inc., Aston, PA manufacturing facility. View notice.

02/23/2018 – Addendum: Update and project overview including timelines for the planned closure of the Prime Synthesis Inc., Aston, PA manufacturing facility, and the transition of manufacturing and customer service to Petaluma, CA. View notice.