Bulk CPG

Oligonucleotide Synthesis


Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) has been widely used as a solid support for oligonucleotide (oligo) synthesis for over two decades. Prime Synthesis has perfected CPG for maximum oligo purity and yield. Our early research was awarded funding by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners Group. The outcome of this work was an in-depth understanding of how to optimize CPG for oligo synthesis. Advanced CPG production techniques were developed for improved control of particle size and shape, pore size, pore volume, and specific surface area. These physical parameters influence solution exchange behavior, ligand loading and distribution, and reaction kinetics to increase the efficiency, purity, and reproducibility of syntheses. Proprietary chemical attachment procedures were developed to further optimize ligand distributions, providing increased accessability to synthesis reagents and washing solutions and facilitating even better oligo yields and purities.
Thus, in the late 1990’s Prime PerformanceTM CPG was introduced for oligo synthesis. The key concept of  Prime Performance is the customization of CPG to provide the best synthesis results for a given oligo sequence and synthesis method. Pre-sale studies allow the determination of  the best physical and chemical specifications for the job. This approach has provided the continuous product improvement that remains a company hallmark. For example, process refinements and proprietary assays were developed to minimize the troublesome “N-1” impurity levels in an oligosynthesis. Additionally, protocols have been developed to recycle spent CPG to address long term cost-reduction concerns.
Prime PerformanceTM CPG is considered to be the gold-standard solid support used in most of the major research and diagnostic oligo companies in the world. This approach has enabled Prime Synthesis to stay in touch with the latest trends in oligo research. By partnering with leading biopharmaceutical companies, Prime Synthesis developed a comprehensive Quality program that often exceeds the requirements of its cGMP customers. In a collaboration with SIRNA, Prime Synthesis licenses a proprietary LCAA linker design that enhances oligo synthesis. Numerous other collaborations have resulted in solid supports which are optimized for the synthesis of the latest  therapeutic oligo classes including, LNA, delivery enhancing lipid ligands,  SiRNA. and Spiegelmers. Thus, Prime PerformanceTM CPG has been specified by nearly every large scale therapeutic oligo CMO.
Prime Synthesis R&D programs are addressing the need for commercially feasible multi ton manufacturing capacity and developing new, higher yield oligo synthesis supports. This research has been recognized by the award of  SBIR grants from the NIH and NIST. As well as a recent grant from the NIH/IRS Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program. Tell us about your synthesis needs to discover how the Prime Performance approach can work for you.

Typical structure for a nucleoside CPG attached via a long chain alkyl amine linker.